SELVERT introduces its Essential Cosmetics Line, a line of products created for beauty salon treatments.   This line features over 20 different cosmetic products for professional use, which allow the creation of an endless range of facial aesthetic treatments and have been specially designed to meet all salon treatment needs. The line also offers an extensive range of follow-up home treatment products (over 20 products). The choice of the appropriate product for each skin type under the supervision of the professional beautician ensures optimal results. This line of home treatment products has been especially created for sale in salons, with modern packaging designs and trendy point of sale display items (stands, displays, samples, etc.) to offer immediate incentives to purchase.

The line offers a range of products according to skin type and aesthetic needs, and features the latest and most effective cosmetic active ingredients available. All these products are entirely compatible and may be used in combination with other SELVERT products for specific results.

When applied, they provide the skin with vital elements to help it regain its natural tone and vitality. The skin’s appearance improves dramatically, revealing its natural beauty.



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